Peggy Sue

The Peggy Hoop


Peggy Sue is honoured to partner with their friends over at Barefoot + Blonde to bring you the stunning Peggy Hoop. A timeless piece that has been handcrafted with so much love, using only the finest materials. The unique square shape is a minimalist dream, providing simplicity and elegance, adding style to any occasion.

They are the perfect daily go-to, and are specially designed, not to just be an impulse buy, worn for a few months until they tarnish and fall apart, but to do life with you, to be worn and loved, and to then be handed down to the next generation.

These beautiful earrings are available in 14k Gold Vermeil and have been handcrafted from start to finish by a beautiful family in India, who we are so privileged to be able to support.  

Size is approximately 2cm x 1cm.

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